I N V E S T M E N T 

Our core investment strategy is based on creating high performing assets with scope to increase to overall GDV through the development process. Once the development process is complete we concentrate on creating a fully hands off high yielding managed investment asset. This is ideally suited to hands off investors looking to take a more back seat approach to their investments.

We often work with existing landlords and home owners, where we can realise equity through a portfolio review, from which we can use to fund new higher yielding ventures.

Not only do we love working alongside our clients we also offer many joint venture opportunities where you can get directly involved with us to see projects to fruition and jointly enjoy the fruits of the investment.

We work directly with our sister construction company Seccombe Building and Maintenance Limited, enabling us to keep all work in house and providing a streamlined process to development.

Got a proposal?

Seccombe is always keen to hear from landowners, agents & private sellers whom may have land or buildings with the potential to develop.

We are keen to expand from our existing areas of interest in Greater London Counties, South East England, South Central & South West England.

We are open to the option of joint ventures with competitive commissions paid upon a successful development. Please enquire to find out how you could join our team of successful developers & investors.

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